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Mother Daughter Duo | Team vs. Hiring a Second Shooter


Holman Ranch Tree | Laura Hernandez Photography

I really don’t know another teenager out there that has as good as a relationship with her mother as I do. I’m sure I take that for granted sometimes, but what we share I really do find special. Today, I tell you why I think that being a team is so important. Some photographers hire a second shooter for the day of the wedding, which is fine and better than only having a single shooter on the big day, but here are the benefits of hiring people who work together on a day to day basis.

For one, when you work together all the time, you get to know how the other person works and what is expected of you that day. Laura and I have this down to a “T”. We can just look at each other during a ceremony and know what the other is thinking without words being said. Pretty cool, right? Second, because we spend so much time together and learn from each other, our pictures are very consistent. We have such a similar style that sometimes we cant even tell whose pictures are whose until we look at the details of which lens was being used. I think this is SO important when it comes to a bride getting her pictures. The bride has seen the main shooter’s work and expects that style consistently throughout her wedding day coming from both shooters, not just one. Thirdly, with a team like us, you really get our overall wedding day experience. Our goal is to be able to show up to the wedding and already be friends with the bride and groom, not just a hired hand. We believe this because we are all about serving. This is why we meet all of our couples before the wedding and why we think engagement sessions are so important. When your friends, poses just flow naturally and time tends to fly by because we’re having such a good time.

Bridal Party at Holman Ranch | Laura Hernandez Photography

These two pictures look like they were shot by the same photographer, but really the one above was taken by Laura and the one below was taken by me at the exact same time. We are constantly shooting because we believe that no moment or detail should be missed.

Bridal Party at Holman Ranch | Laura Hernandez Photography

Another example of how we work together was while Laura was capturing the bride with each of her bridesmaids, I snapped shots of the gorgeous hairstyles by Blush.

Bridal Party at Holman Ranch | Laura Hernandez Photography

These pictures were also snapped at the same time.  If you haven’t seen the pattern, Laura tends to get the overall portraits and I get the close details because that’s just how we work together. It’s what we love, but we are perfectly capable of switching at any given moment.

Bridal Party at Holman Ranch | Laura Hernandez Photography

I hope this was helpful to any brides or grooms searching for a photographer. Make a great relationship with your photographers and really get to know them! You spend hours upon hours with them on one of the biggest days of your life and it’ll show up in the pictures if you’re uncomfortable or unhappy. Be prepared with the right questions to ask because as photographers, we’re practically your shadow all day… in a not creepy way at all!!

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another…” -1 Peter 4:10

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