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An Unplugged Wedding | Trust Us, We Got This!


An Unplugged Wedding | Laura Hernandez PhotographyAs a bride, you’re not expected to know everything about a wedding. We’ve been to more weddings than we have fingers and toes, and we’re still learning. But today, we’re sharing something that not many people realize, or even know about, but is an enormous stumbling block as photographers.

Unplugged Wedding | Laura Hernandez Photography

We often get asked, “Can other people take pictures at our wedding?”. Our response is hesitantly yes, because we can’t stop anyone from doing so, but we like to have our couples consider an unplugged wedding. An unplugged wedding is the intention to allow the hired wedding photographer the chance to capture the wedding as perfectly as possible without by chance missing key shots caused by guest photographers.

This is when you or the officiant, kindly asks your guests to turn off their cell phones, iPads, and cameras for the day. We’ve had people stand right in the center aisle and block the kiss shot! Can you imagine our horror?!?! Of course, there are two of us, so when things like that happen, we’re covered. But if a guest is taking picture using a flash, it can completely destroy our image, and the moment is gone. Maybe turning electronics off all day is a bit much, but it’s so extremely important for the ceremony! It’s so sad to see the progression of smiling, teary eyed faces that are now faces blocked behind screens. Brides and grooms want their guests to enjoy the day and be there with them in the moment, not on their phones. As photographers, that’s what we’re there for! We want guests to celebrate and remember this special day, so trust us to do our job. We promise we’re good at sharing!

An Unplugged Wedding | Laura Hernandez Photography

Also, be thoughtful about sharing wedding day images on social media. A first look can been spoiled because guests or the bridal party decided to post pictures of the bride before the ceremony even takes place. If you are a guest at the wedding, please make sure to withhold posting pictures of the bride and groom online until after the ceremony. We do though love the idea of having wedding hashtags, but just be cautious of when your posting them.

An Unplugged Wedding | Laura Hernandez Photography

Unplugged Wedding | Laura Hernandez Photography


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  1. Brenden says:

    it seems like every wedding there are more and more phones out taking pictures. The last wedding we did a couple people actually were using selfie sticks! I was in shock. I always wanted an unplugged ceremony but now I’m even more add image about it.