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Blogging is a big part of our business and it takes a lot more time than people give credit for. There are times we reach our peak of productivity and realize, if we don’t let go of some control, (aka outsourcing), we’re running ourselves into the ground. We didn’t become photographers to spend 8 hours a week doing what we love and then spend the other 80+ hours overloaded in our business. Something needed to change.

We live in a community where a lot of our very close friends are photographers. It’s an amazing experience when a group of people from the same profession can come together and feel no form of competition, actually the exact opposite. We were talking during our last TuesdaysTogether meeting about apps, that for us, have been total game changers. Being from a photography background, we just assumed everyone knew what we knew, and we wouldn’t have anything new to share. Silly, I know. We were surrounded by creatives, not just photographers, and as we explained what Blogstomp did, and how it completely transformed our blog life, you could see light-bulb moments happening all around the room. We needed structure running our business and we could see we weren’t alone.

Blogstomp - An AMAZING app for photographers & blogger  that will change your life!

If you’re a photographer or blogger, this will change your life! No more hours of Photoshop needed to collage those site-by-side photos. In a push of a button your photos can be watermarked or a boarder added with your logo. Hello time saver! We’re not Photoshop experts and too much techie-talk makes our eyes glaze over. Simplicity is best. Spending $49 to have hours and hours AND HOURS of our life back was an easy decision to make. It will transform the way you think of blogging! Blogstomp also allows you to set your image width, which has the photos perfectly sized for our blog, meaning they load faster and don’t loose resolution and sharpness. It’s the fastest blog/web preparation tool ever!

Blogstomp - An AMAZING app for photographers & blogger  that will change your life!

Here are some of the AWESOME Blogstomp features…

  • Image resizing and optimization
  • Batch processing
  • Multi-image layouts
  • Watermarking
  • Image styling
  • Post images directly to Facebook
  • Share images on Twitter
  • Blog from within the app
  • Save pre-set style template

Blogstomp - An AMAZING app for photographers & blogger  that will change your life!

How did we ever live without this?!?! This is only Part 1 of our new series Taking Our Life Back, where we’ll be sharing helpful tips we’ve learned along the way. Have questions or want us to blog about a certain topic? Let us know!

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