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Drumroll Please…. New Workshop Dates Announced!



Life is a bit unpredictable, for us lately this shows true more than others. Two weeks ago, we published this exact same blog. This was one of the biggest steps in our photography careers and we faced one of our biggest fears, by announcing we wanted to share our hearts and teach what we have such a passion for. That same morning this blog post went live, my appendix burst and left me in the hospitable for the next 5 days. We didn’t get to promote this, answer inquiries as quickly as normal, and to be honest we felt completely deflated. At first I took this as a sign as we weren’t good enough, or who would want to learn from us. Then I prayed, a lot. Prayed for a clear picture that if our passion for teaching was what was in store for our feature, God would provide. No more self doubt. We’re laying down our pride by showing our vulnerable side, and re-posting what we feel our hearts are called for. Read below and share your hearts in the comments. Are we the only one feeling like sharing our big dreams is indescribably scary?

There are things in life you dream about, some a lot more than others. Our good friend Mary tells us to dream Big Audacious Dreams! We left her home ready to conquer the world and for the first time, felt very confident in what we we were called to do. We daydream about the “what if’s” and the “somedays”… but we’ve always let that little voice inside get the best of us, convincing ourselves we’re not good enough. We all do that, right? But what if you think about it this way… We love to serve others and watch them flourish in everything they do. If we’re living life to help people, then what we’re doing isn’t wrong. God calls us to be servants and we feel that now more than ever, to give back in our industry. We’ve been blessed these past few years to have a such an increase in business, and the opportunity to work with and be mentored by those we highly admire. When Rachel and I get an idea, we run with it, and boy are we sprinting this time!

Then it comes down to nitty gritty, the light at the end of the tunnel is bright and nearly in our reach, we can hardly stand the excitement! Months and months in the making and the BIG DAY is here! Here’s a peek into our unpredictable life, where we love to enjoy the small things. Starbucks by the seaside is near perfect.

Where are you in your business? Weather you shoot only friends and family, or your wanting to dabble in the world of wedding photography, this is PERFECT for you! This will be an amazing experience and we have so much to cover! Two full days packed of information on client interaction and posing, social media and marketing, to business and building your brand. We will end both days with a styled sunset wedding shoot where we will demonstrate exactly how we interact with our couples through posing, and each attendee will get a chance to photograph on their own and practice what you learned. What a great way to build your portfolio!

Photography Workshop by Laura Hernandez Photography

We will begin each day with breakfast, break for lunch, enjoy AMAZING home cooked dinners each night, and mouthwatering desserts!  We want you to leave this workshop refreshed, educated, and comfortable! We believe in community and building friendships, in honesty and openness. Join us August 26th and 27th in gorgeous Monterey, California for experience you won’t want to miss!

Without further ado, here we go! The WORKSHOP WEBSITE has all the details. Check it out and take advantage of the early bird savings. Registration is NOW OPEN and we hope to see YOU in August!

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