An Intimate Big Sur Surprise Proposal | Rachel & Paul Proposal


An Intimate Big Sur Surprise Proposal

Yesterday was a day I had dreamed about my ENTIRE mom-life! January 20th will forever be etched in my mind as one of the most exciting, heart-racing, emotional days ever! Four years ago Rachel walked in from one of her first weeks as a freshman in high school with a big silly grin, and a look she wanted to talk, yet didn’t know what to say all wrapped in one. She had met a boy. He was super sweet, extremely smart, and “really cute,” pretty much everything a mother wanted to hear. Rachel was only 14 and this was her first true love.

Since then, Paul has become part of the family, and proven his deep love for our daughter. Fast forward to a month ago, Paul asked Chaz the question a dad anticipates from the moment he lies eyes on his precious daughter. The one question that changes everything, where he has to entrust someone else to take care of his baby girl. “Can I marry your daughter?” Chaz came to me with a sparkle in his eye, and only a smile a dad could portray. He had the same big silly grin Rachel had walked in with just four years before, just this time it included tears of joy.

A month in the making, we were honored Paul asked us to be a part of the big day. The plans were set, Rachel and I had a “surprise proposal” we were shooting along the coast of Big Sur. She had no idea the proposal we were shooting was her own! It all started as a normal proposal. We were early, assumed our positions, all camera gear was ready for the big moment. I had spotted Paul and whispered to Rachel they were here. She sat causally along the grass, reading a magazine, as the ocean waves crashed along the rocks below.  Then it happened…

Rachel & Paul Proposal-2

Paul walked up from behind her and Rachel was unexpectedly greeted with puppy kisses. You can tell by her face she was utterly confused what was going on. Paul introduced her to her brand new 7-month old puppy, Amara. She has been wanting a German Shepard for as long as I can remember!

An Intimate Big Sur Surprise Proposal

Then with a puppy in one hand, and a Mrs. Box in another, Paul pledged his love, and asked Rachel to be his wife.

An Intimate Big Sur Surprise ProposalRachel & Paul ProposalRachel & Paul Proposal-11

It couldn’t have been more perfect. A stunning morganite stone was just what Rachel had always dreamed of!

Rachel & Paul Proposal-23Rachel & Paul Proposal-26

Anemones in winter? Her favorite flower. I’m not sure if she was more exited about the flowers or the ring!

Floral Design by Reina did such a fabulous helping with the surprise! Rachel & Paul Proposal-71Rachel & Paul Proposal-58Rachel & Paul Proposal-56Rachel & Paul Proposal-39Rachel & Paul Proposal-41Rachel & Paul Proposal-49Rachel & Paul Proposal-70Rachel & Paul Proposal-48Rachel & Paul Proposal-62Rachel & Paul Proposal-46Rachel & Paul Proposal-61Rachel & Paul Proposal-50Rachel & Paul Proposal-52Rachel & Paul Proposal-51Rachel & Paul Proposal-53Rachel & Paul Proposal-33Rachel & Paul Proposal-35Rachel & Paul Proposal-44

After a week full of rain, Rachel having no idea of the adventure she was about to partake in, Paul carried her through the mud puddles, and off to an amazing dinner at Rocky Point.

Rachel & Paul Proposal-54

Now these are some proud parents!

An Intimate Big Sur Surprise Proposal

I’m officially a Mother of the Bride!

Rachel & Paul Proposal-75




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  1. Julia says:

    Ok, these made me cry. I cannot even imagine how it will be with the wedding photos. Congratulations again, Rachel!

  2. Mary-Claire says:

    And now the question is, Laura, who will shoot the wedding? Congratulations–how very exciting. (Plus, anyone named Paul’s got to be a great chap!)

  3. YAY!! Congratulations Rachel!! Oh my goodness!!

  4. Victoria McCaffrey says:

    Congratulations! Such an exciting time for your entire family. What an amazing day and special moment. Congrats Rachel!

  5. SOOO fun!! Congrats you guys!!