Collaboration | TuesdaysTogether at Pottery Barn | Monterey, California


TuesdaysTogether Gathering in Pottery Barn Monterey | Community Over Competition

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

If I could only hit repeat again and again… That’s how good last night was! Pottery Barn in Monterey, opened their doors this months TuesdaysTogether gathering and it was unbelievable! My heart was just overjoyed seeing so many new faces keep streaming through the doors! Pottery Barn also outdid themselves, creating this homey living room feel with a table spread of treats, beverages, and espresso. Yum!

Nearly 30 of us gathered together to learn more about Collaboration. We are a group of creatives, so this topic which could seem already known, was exactly what our hearts needed to hear. From the newbies feeling like they don’t have much yet to offer, from the seasoned pro who feels like they’re stuck in a rut, there was something for everyone. Anna Marie Akins shared these five steps that we elaborated on as a group for nearly two hours.

  1. Grasp this concept first: Treat others as more important than yourself. Can I get an AMEN! The biggest secret to building a healthy thriving business is asking these six little magic words: What can I do for you? A few years ago when we started approaching others like this, it was a total game changer for our business.
  2. Reach out to your current network of people. Don’t underestimate the power of the people you already know, and how many people THEY know. You have a powerhouse of cheerleaders in just your family and friends.
  3. Be a river, not a flood. My all time favorite! A river flows deeply, with purpose in one direction, and gives life to the things around it. A flood is chaotic, destructive, and usually shallow. One quick way to have no solid connections is to try to connect with everyone. Be intentional, and serve few people, and this will allow you to give life to the people around you, and help you group a more purposeful business.
  4. Seek out a mentor. A mentor can give you valuable advise and perspective, (check out our mentoring options HERE) also because they can introduce you to other people who are likely in a similar stage of growth as you! Attend a workshop hosted by some you admire. This is how Rachel and I met several of our best friends in the industry who’ve helped us grow tremendously!
  5. Find your people while wearing pants and no pants. This title cracked us up! The meaning behind it is it’s important to go to local meetups (like TuesdaysTogether!), workshops, and conferences, places you have to wear pants to meet people. But there are also so many opportunities to find your people from the comfort of your own couch… no pants required! Join local and national Facebook groups in your creative field. The Rising Tide Society group is an invaluable resource where Creatives are constantly asking for advise, and getting feedback.

Yesterday was UNBELIEVABLE and we cannot wait for you to see what our group has up our sleeves! Stay tuned and mark your calendars for our next gathering Tuesday, May 10th in Monterey!

TuesdaysTogether Gathering in Pottery Barn Monterey | Community Over CompetitionTuesdaysTogether Gathering in Pottery Barn Monterey | Community Over CompetitionTuesdaysTogether Gathering in Pottery Barn Monterey | Community Over CompetitionTuesdaysTogether Gathering in Pottery Barn Monterey | Community Over Competition

Our awesome group of creatives who came together last night.

(Sorry to those who had already left, I remembered last second to capture the group photo.)
TuesdaysTogether Gathering | Community Over Competition

Thank you Pottery Barn for hosting this INCREDIBLE event and Eden Personal Styling for bringing this to life!

If you’re near the Monterey, California area and want to join in our fun, join our Facebook group HERE.

If you’re not, click HERE to find a location near you. Don’t miss out!

Tuesdays Together | A Rising Tide Society | Gathering for Creatives

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  1. Last night was amazing! I learned so much! Having only recently taken part in a collaboration myself, this TT meetup had me inspired to do it again and do it even better!