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Photography Mentoring with Laura Hernandez Photography

Mentoring fills are hearts to the brim! When one of our Rising Tide Society friends, Danya Collyer, asked us to do a photography 101 mentoring session, we were delighted! We spent the afternoon learning camera basics, how to shoot in manual mode, and how to shoot for your brand. We had such an amazing time and were completely humbled to receive this raving review from Danya…

I’ve had my Nikon for a little over four years now, but have never quite known how to use it.  Shooting in the automatic mode gave me ok photos, but nothing that inspired me.  I had tried teaching myself by reading blogs and watching videos and even taking a few other photography classes, but it wasn’t until I had one on one time with Rachel & Laura, that it began to make sense!  They quickly assessed my skill level and gave me the tools I needed without overwhelming me with information.  They were so patient with me, teaching me how to work with natural light and giving me opportunities to practice using everything they had taught me, as we went along.  They let me ask silly questions and made me feel totally comfortable, despite my lack of knowledge.  I left excited and inspired!  Immediately, my photos were looking a million times better (with NO editing).

Whether you’re just learning how to use a camera or are already running a successful photography business and need inspiration or help getting out of a rut, Laura and Rachel are your girls! They are business smart, incredibly talented and have hearts of gold! Not only do you leave a better photographer, but you gain a valuable friendship with these two ladies. I highly recommend their mentoring opportunity – as it’s an experience you cannot put a price tag on.

Photography Mentoring with Laura Hernandez PhotographyPhotography Mentoring with Laura Hernandez PhotographyPhotography Mentoring with Laura Hernandez PhotographyPhotography Mentoring with Laura Hernandez PhotographyIf you’re interested in a photography mentioning session with us, click HERE for more details!

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