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Carmel Beach Proposal

A Carmel beach proposal. Stephanie, a very close friend from church, called us a few weeks ago with sheer excitement in her voice. Her baby boy, well he’s in college but her first born and still her baby, was coming home for Spring break and bringing his girlfriend. Austin and Tayler had known each other for a few years, and Austin wanted nothing more than to propose along the beach shores back home. That’s when full planning mode began!

Carmel River Beach, where we had captured Aly’s (Stephanie’s daughter), senior portraits a few years ago, immediately came to mind. The Carmel river used to just trickle towards the ocean with the amount of water it had, and as we captured Ali’s portraits, Stephanie sat along the rivers edge looking up towards the mountain, where a single cross stood tall for all on the beach to see. From that day, that cross had held a special place in Stephanie’s heart, and couldn’t image a better place than to help her son plan to propose.

Stephanie arrived with us early and helped set up a surprise picnic. Austin had written a love letter to Tayler, which we placed at the waters edge, with the look it had just washed up from shore. Stephanie left quickly to not be noticed, while Rachel and I took our positions. Rachel signaled that Austin and Tayler had arrived, (and yes, we’re that cool and have signals!), so we sat as average looking tourists watching the sunset.

They walked to the waters edge and I could see Austin’s eyes scanning the beach for the bottle. Slowly they made their way towards it and I saw Austin gesture towards the bottle. With hesitation, Tayler picked up the bottle and began to read. Austin slowly pacing back and forth behind her, with Tayler facing the ocean, she had no idea Austin has pulled this small black box from his pocket and gotten down on one knee. She finished reading and turned around to see the man of her dreams holding open a box with the most gorgeous solitaire diamond ring and the four words she will never forget. “Will you marry me?”

It played out as a scene from a movie, completely surreal. Austin eventually pointing us out, we captured a few couples portraits to celebrate, then led them to the awaiting picnic surprise. Perfect doesn’t even begin to describe this afternoon’s Carmel beach proposal! Congratulations you two! We cannot wait to hear about the wedding plans!

Carmel Beach Proposal

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