As photographers, we strive to make this one step of the planning process simple. You’re about to ask your love something she’s been dying to hear her entire life! When you’re hiring photographers, you want the whole process to be smooth from start to finish. You deserve beautiful images and a great experience. You get the ring, find the right words to say, calm your nerves, and we’ll take care of the rest. Let us make it easy for you...




She will be left breathless that you took the time, thought, and effort into making this a moment she'll never forget.

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rachel has gotten poison oak from hiding in BUSHES





clay & jessie

They were amazing. I proposed to my fiancé on our baby moon. She had already set up maternity photos though them for our trip - I was able to decipher their info and reach out and they took it from there and were great. They were completely hidden for when I proposed and took great pictures and made it a great experience. They took some great shots for the maternity shoot as well. Highly recommend.


- clay

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matt & marin

These ladies are awesome! They made my engagement perfect! They helped me find the perfect spot and got some great pictures we will cherish forever!


- matt

davis & averi

My fiancé hired Laura and Rachel to capture our proposal in Charleston, South Carolina and I’m so happy he chose them. Due to a hurricane the previous weekend, my fiancé was unable to meet this mother-daughter pair prior to the day-of, but it made no difference because their sweet, vivacious personalities made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. After he asked and I said YES, Laura and Rachel talked us through different poses during our engagement photo shoot. My head was still in the clouds and full of excitement and happiness, so I greatly appreciated the direction! A few hours later when they sent us the photos, we were still celebrating with our family and friends and were surprised at how many photos they sent! I love so many of the photos they took that I still have trouble choosing my absolute favorite. They were truly able to capture how we felt in the moment and I could not thank them enough! We loved them, the experience and the results!


- averi

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cody & courtney

Laura and Rachel are simply amazing! They recently photographed my surprise engagement on the beach in California. Those two have great acting skills too! My fiancé planned it out perfectly with them and they captured the moments better than I could have ever imagined. They truly care about taking incredible photos for you to have memories for the rest of your life. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and hope to have them do our wedding too! Y'all need these two photographers for any important occasion


- courtney

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kristy & michael

Laura and Rachel were absolutely amazing to work with! They helped my now fiance, who was not familiar with the Big Sur area, plan the location and set up for our engagement. They went on to capture our engagement perfectly - everyone we shared the photos with said they feel like they were there with us. We cannot recommend them enough and we look forward to working with them again as we continue our journey.


- kristy

kolin & adrienne

Thank you again for everything! Laura and Rachel were amazing, the way they captured the engagement is just beautiful and they were so great to work with. Adrienne was in total shock, and you guys did a great job "shopping" to enhance the surprise. Adrienne started crying when she saw the pictures, and we are so very grateful for you both.


- kolin

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austin & Taylor

You wait your whole life for the day when your child will meet the love of their life and propose. As a parent I could not have been more grateful to have hired photographers like Laura & Rachel to capture these fleeting moments in our child’s life. The ones that cause your heart to well up with excitement and tears to form in your eyes. The ones where you can’t be there hiding in the bushes to see every moment, but someone else can. Laura and Rachel were with us every step of the way. They made the process as worry free as possible. With all the busyness and nervousness of that day for our son, we are so glad we hired specialty photographers to capture those moments that will now last a lifetime. We can relive that day, their expressions, those butterflies and know that what is now the past will still somehow be etched in their future for when coming generations ask.


- stephanie

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Laura and Rachel truly are the dynamic mother daughter photography team! They did such an amazing job helping me coordinate the perfect proposal for my girl. They were able to capture a moment that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. My fiancée had no idea they were there until after she said "yes!" because they blended in so well with others at the beach. I am so glad that I was able to pull off this amazing proposal, but truly couldn't have done it without the help of Laura and Rachel. Thank you both so much for all of the wonderful photos that highlight our love and happiness for one another. 


- dustin

mitch & lauryn

Laura and Rachel made planning my proposal simple and enjoyable. They gave me recommendations on what to wear, how to ask, and potential spots to pop the question. They walked me through the process and timeline for the day. After a few short conversations I fully trusted them to capture the moment completely. When the time came, I was ready and relaxed because of how much effort I could tell they put in. The photos they returned were beautiful and my wife and I have them hanging in our home now. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get engaged and have a keepsake from the day. You and your new fiancée will love Laura & Rachel and the incredible photos from the day. 


- mitch

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shane & Silvina

From the moment I reached out to Laura and Rachel I knew it would be special. Having a photographer who knew the area felt like having a partner through the entire process. At the time, I was living in SF and wasn't able to do much location scouting. They helped find the perfect location, pick a time that was great for lighting, and even bring in an outside vendor to help set up a picnic for us to soak in the day. As for the day of the proposal, it could not have gone any more smoothly! They were both set up and disguised exactly as we had planned... EVERYTHING was perfect. Overall, I am extremely glad I hired photographers to help capture our proposal. They helped capture one of the most important days in my life and I am so incredibly grateful for them.




I think most people would agree the proposal experience is incredibly nerve-wracking and anxiety inducing. The idea, planning, keeping it a secret and proposing flawlessly is a huge task for one person to pull off. Having a photographer, especially professional's like Laura and Rachel, helped me feel like I wasn't alone during the process - like I had a team behind me giving me much needed advice and pointers along the way. It really made all the difference and calmed all my nerves. I'll never forget moment my wife realized the whole proposal had been captured on camera for us to enjoy the rest of our lives. I would 100% recommend hiring a photographer for your proposal, it's something that will only happen once in your lifetime - it's beyond worth having the moment captured!


- evan

matt & stacey

My proposal was a complete secret. She had no clue it was going to happen on the day that it did. She also had NO clue it was even going to happen within the near future, meaning within that year. We never talked about a ring or anything. I thought it would be more special that way and that’s why I REALLY wanted a photographer to capture the moment. Best decision I ever made, besides asking her to marry me of course. The photo we have framed of her reaction the moment I got down on one knee is priceless. Probably my favorite photo that we have. I spent so much time and effort to plan that moment and make it a complete secret. It was great to get the culmination of that captured in a photo. The emotions that come with a compete surprise proposal captured in a single photo is what I was shooting for. We 100% got that.


- matt



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