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Do you have an album from your parents wedding? How about your grandparents wedding? If so, hold it very close to your heart, because that might be the most valuable thing you own! With age and maturity, comes with the knowledge of family importance. When you’ve met “the one” and start planning your own wedding, once the date is reserved and vendors are booked, you begin looking back at your family legacy. Maybe you choose to wear your mothers veil, your grandmothers pearls, or hold your fathers handkerchief. These are no longer just things, they are part of your heritage.

When you become a bride, things that have previously felt as small tokens, can now be some of the most meaningful things. Just imagine having the photos to look back and see those pearls around grandmas neck on her wedding day, and then have a photo of her putting them on you on yours. Those moments.

When you become a bride, you imagine what your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will have to look back on from your wedding. What details meant the most to you and what you absolutely treasured. Maybe its your wedding vows you had written out, the monogram you had embroidered inside your dress, or the engraved pocket watch you gifted your new husband. Just imagine pulling out your wedding album as your kids are growing up asking how you and daddy met, or better yet your grandchildren on your lap turning the pages of your album and for the first time realizing how young grandma once was. Those moments.

Rachel was remarkable at the little touches of family history she was able to incorporate in their wedding day. She wore her grandmothers cameo brooch, had the ribbon from Laura’s bouquet wrapped around her own, and had her great-grandparents cake topper atop their cake.

Importance of a Wedding Album

We wish so badly we had albums from past generations! You’ve spend at least a year, if not more, planning this one special day that ends in just a few hours. Coming from a bride and photographer standpoint, we believe that photography should be a high priority. You leave with only a few things from your wedding day… your spouse, your memories, and your pictures! From the very beginning of wedding planning, decide what means the most to you.

Wedding Album

Wedding Album

Wedding Album

Each wedding album is a unique, handcrafted labor of love. Our heirloom albums will allow you to relive your perfect day again and again. Happy Wedding Planning!

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