Charleston Proposal | Nick & Allyson’s Folly Beach Proposal

Charleston Proposal at Folly Beach | We’re sure we sound like a broken record by always saying how much we love capturing a proposal. Over the past few years, we’ve captured 65 proposals. 65! That is a lot of nerves, anticipation, down on one knee moments, we’ve been able to be a part of and […]

Charleston Proposal | Folly Beach Proposal | Picnic Proposal | Beach Proposal | Surprise Proposal | Laura and Rachel Photography


Charleston Proposal | Longitude Lane Proposal | John & Kathleen

Historic Downtown Charleston Proposal | All this planning begin with an Instagram message. John and Kathleen were planning a trip to Charleston to escape the business of home in Boston and John wanted to propose! Eeeeeekkkk! We love nothing more than to be with our couples capturing day one of their forever together! John wanted […]

Charleston Proposal Photographer | Charleston Engagement Photographer | Laura and Rachel Photography


Magnolia Plantation Proposal | Chris & Kathleen

A Magnolia Plantation Proposal | Directly from the pages of a Nicholas Sparks novel, literally. A portion of The Notebook was filmed right here in Charleston, Magnolia Plantation to be exact, is right where the Audobon Swamp Garden is, the setting of the scene where Noah rows Allie through a lake filled with swans. Where […]

Magnolia Plantation Proposal | Charleston Wedding Photographers | Laura & Rachel Photography


Monterey Proposal | Cody & Courtney | Featured on How They Asked

Monterey Proposal | The moment we spoke with Cody over the phone, we instantaneously knew this was going to be one of the most dreamiest proposals we had ever captured, and Inspired By This agreed by publishing this Monterey Proposal immediately! It’s the moment we have all dreamt of. Being completely swept away by a […]

Monterey Proposal | Laura & Rachel Photography


Historic Downtown Charleston Proposal | Matt & Marin

A Historic Downtown Charleston Proposal | Matt and Marin met while attending UCLA. After graduation, Matt joined the Navy and was stationed in Charleston, while Marin stayed at home in California, knowing it was temporary. Both are racking up the airline miles flying back and forth to visit each other as much as possible. Matt […]

Charleston Proposal | Laura & Rachel Photography


Kiawah Island Proposal | The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort | Jessie & Clay

Kiawah Island Proposal | You have to know the backstory to understand how epic this proposal went down. Jessie reached out to us about a month prior, her and Clay would be vacationing (a.k.a babymoon) along the white sandy beaches of Kiawah Island, and while here wanted us to capture her maternity session. If you’re […]

Kiawah Island Proposal | The Sanctuary | Laura & Rachel Photography


Charleston Wedding Proposal | Waterfront Park | Davis & Avery

Charleston Wedding Proposal | No hurricane could stop this proposal! Months before Davis planned on proposing, he asked us to capture the big moment. This was something he knew Averi would treasure forever and needed to make sure it was documented. Coming from Florida and not knowing exactly where he wanted this Charleston proposal to […]

My fiancé hired Laura and Rachel to capture our proposal in Charleston, South Carolina and I’m so happy he chose them. Due to a hurricane the previous weekend, my fiancé was unable to meet this mother-daughter pair prior to the day-of, but it made no difference because their sweet, vivacious personalities made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. After he asked and I said YES, Laura and Rachel talked us through different poses during our engagement photo shoot. My head was still in the clouds and full of excitement and happiness, so I greatly appreciated the direction! A few hours later when they sent us the photos, we were still celebrating with our family and friends and were surprised at how many photos they sent! I love so many of the photos they took that I still have trouble choosing my absolute favorite. They were truly able to capture how we felt in the moment and I could not thank them enough! We loved them, the experience and the results!


Charleston Proposal | Charleston Wedding Photographers

A Charleston proposal. July in South Carolina. It’s hot, it’s humid, but the sunsets are unbelievable! Every corner you turn there’s a waterway leading to either a bridge or dock, that opens to the most magical of locations. It’s a photographers’ paradise! Just off the mainland, we took a side road that led down to […]

Charleston Proposal | South Carolina | Proposal Photographers | Laura & Rachel Photography


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Lori & Joseph

Big Sur Proposal | Pink Lilys, chocolate cheesecake, and a spectacular Big Sur view. Those were the hints Joseph gave us while planning his secret surprise picnic proposal to Lori. Escaping the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley, Joseph decided to bring Lori down the coast for a bit of much needed R&R. It was […]

Big Sur Proposal Photographer | South Carolina Wedding Photographer | Laura & Rachel Photography


Carmel-by-the-Sea Picnic Proposal | Willie & Peony

A secluded beach, one filled with driftwood and seashells, right at sunset. We were on the beach looking like average tourists, in position and waiting for Willie and Peony’s arrival. We spotted them along the top of the staircase, leaning against the railing taking in all that the Carmel coastline had to offer. Crashing waves […]

Carmel-by-the-Sea Proposal | Carmel River Beach Proposal | Laura & Rachel Photography


Ventana Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Kolin & Adrienne

Ventana Big Sur Proposal. Now that the bridge is rebuilt from last years storm, access to the southern part of Big Sur is now reopened and back in business! Ventana Big Sur is known for is known for their breathtaking ocean views atop the mountains, infinity pools, Glamping, and now their brand new Glass House. […]


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Wedding Photographer | Lindsay & Joe

A Big Sur Proposal. We love nothing more than sharing in the wedding journey from the first day of saying yes to forever! Joe reached out to us a few months ago as he and Lindsay were planning a vacation in Carmel and while he was here wanting nothing more to ask Lindsay to marry […]


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Wedding Photographer | Andy & Allison

A Big Sur Proposal. Escaping the sub-freezing temperatures of Chicago for a mild mid-sixties California winter is just what they had in mind. Andy reached out to us a few weeks earlier, having grown up in California and visited Monterey before, wanted nothing more to share the beautiful California coast with Allison who had never […]

Big Sur Proposal | Laura & Rachel Photography


Big Sur Engagement Session | Katherline & Cole

  Couples dream of a Big Sur engagement sessions, and this is why. Magical light, long cream sandy beaches, and views like none other in the world! The week before Christmas is a busy one. Besides the normal hustle and bustle with holiday shopping and meal preparations, a lot of our couples are coming home […]

Big Sur Engagement Session | Laura & Rachel Photography


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Wedding Photographer | Jordan & Catie

A Big Sur Proposal. Exchanging one coast for another, Jordan and Catie planned a trip to California, leaving behind the muggy summer of Georgia. What Catie believed to be a fun road trip tour of the west coast, ended up being an excursion of a lifetime! She had no idea we had been talking with […]

Big Sur Proposal | Laura & Rachel Photography


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Savik & Teja

A Big Sur Proposal. There mothers were best high school best friends in India, and it wasn’t until after a year of dating in San Francisco, did parents meet and find this out! What a small world! I think it’s a dream of every mom that her kids will marry her best friends kids, and […]

Big Sur Proposal Photographer | Epic Proposal | Proposal Idea | Picnic Proposal | Laura & Rachel Photography


Big Sur Proposal | How He Asked Feature | Lauryn & Mitch

A Big Sur proposal love story. You have no idea how excited we are for these two! If you’re a frequent reader to our blog, you’re probably saying to yourself you’ve seen these two before, and multiple times. Back in early 2016 we partnered with Pottery Barn and Epiphany Boutique and put on a runway […]

Big Sur Proposal | Laura & Rachel Photography


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Rob & Chrissy

A Big Sur proposal is still our local favorite! With all the news of closures in the Big Sur area due to recent storms, we’re excited to share that there are still TONS of amazing locations for not only proposals, but engagements and elopements as well! We’ve actually been spending at least a few days […]

Big Sur Proposal | Laura & Rachel


Monterey Wedding Photographer | Monterey Beach Proposal | Amanda & Mike

A beach proposal is our favorite! Proposals though can be a bit nerve racking, of course for the groom-to-be, but for us too! Always making sure everything is in place, that they arrive to the right location, on time without her getting suspicious, him feeling comfortable that we’re where we’re supposed to be, and most importantly, […]

Monterey Beach Proposal | Surprise Proposal | Laura & Rachel


Carmel Photographer | Carmel Beach Proposal | TJ & Jenya

It was the first sunny Saturday we’d had in a very long time, and a perfect day for a beach proposal! Reason number 1,845,352 why we love proposals, it’s a family trip the beach, we’re in yoga pants and sunglasses, and that is exactly what’s expected of us! We arrived in a group to fit […]


Carmel Photographer | Carmel Beach Proposal | Austin & Tayler

A Carmel beach proposal. Stephanie, a very close friend from church, called us a few weeks ago with sheer excitement in her voice. Her baby boy, well he’s in college but her first born and still her baby, was coming home for Spring break and bringing his girlfriend. Austin and Tayler had known each other […]

Carmel Beach Proposal


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Plaskett Rock Pointe | Conor & Grace

Sometimes you just need a road trip to escape the day to day. Conor and Grace left LA, and headed up the Highway One coast, soaking in breathtaking views that are like no other place in the world. About five hours into their trip, they pull over to stretch their legs near Jade Cove. They […]

Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Plaskett Rock Pointe | Jade Cove


Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Rocky Point Restaurant | Mike & Vanessa

It never rains in California, right? Please, we’ve been in a drought for nearly 10 years! When planning a Big Sur proposal, all you can think of is the vast open views, and delicious golden sunsets. We should have known better, like with this proposal from a few months ago. We watched our weather app […]

Big Sur Proposal | Big Sur Photographer | Rocky Point Restaurant


Bernardus Lodge Carmel Valley Rose Garden Proposal | Sam & Colette

They flew in from Boston to spend time traveling the gorgeous coast of California. Colette had no idea that during their stay in Carmel Valley, Sam had plans to propose in the stunning rose garden of Bernardus Lodge. Nestled deep in the valley vineyards, tucked just along the hill sides, a Bernardus Lodge proposal is pure […]

Bernardus Lodge Rose Garden Carmel Valley Proposal | Laura Hernandez Photography


Carmel Valley Proposal | Bernardus Lodge Engagement | Adam & Torey

Hidden deep within the the vineyards of Bernardus Lodge, a romantic table was set up for an afternoon of wine tasting. Adam has been planning this Carmel Valley proposal for months, and could not wait to surprise Torey! Thank goodness we were on site, because Adam started 20 minutes early! Boy was he excited! Rachel and I […]

Bernardus Lodge Proposal | Carmel Valley Winery Proposal | Bernardus Lodge Engagement | Bernardus Lodge Wedding | Carmel Valley Winery Engagement | Laura & Rachel Photography


Dreamy Big Sur Proposal | Michael & Ellyse

Once upon a time… Seriously, that’s how I want to start this proposal story! It’s what fairy-tales are made of. A gorgeous couple, madly in love, and a surprise of a lifetime. Michael knew right away Ellyse was “the” one and couldn’t think of a better way to prove his love, that a sunset proposal along […]


A Romantic Nautical Big Sur Proposal | Olivia & Brian

There must be something in the water. Love is in the air, rings are being purchased, and guys are ready to say those four magical words… “Will you marry me?”. It’s officially proposal season! Week after week we’re working with guys planning the perfect proposals for their girlfriends, stretching our creativity, and loving every second […]


TuesdaysTogether | Epiphany Bridal Boutique | Carmel by the Sea, California

Yesterday was INCREDIBLE! The amazing Christine Dilullo, owner of Epiphany Boutique in Carmel-by-the-Sea, opened her doors to host one of the BEST TuesdaysTogether meet up’s to date! Each and every gathering is unique on your own, but with last nights topic of pricing, everyone had something to contribute. Our meeting went over the 3 hour mark […]


A Romantic Big Sur Beach Picnic Proposal | Lorin & Carolina

Girls, get ready to lose it! You’re about to see some serious romance. This adorable couple, a dreamy oceanfront proposal, and their 10 week old German Sheppard puppy. I know! Months ago Lorin emailed us, wanting us to capture as he proposed to the woman of his dreams. We couldn’t have been more honored and excited! He wanted to propose along […]


Carmel Beach Surprise Proposal | Carmel by the Sea, California | Carson & Lela

Carson planned a romantic getaway weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea, to celebrate their 5 years anniversary. It was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of New York. Staying in a quaint bed and breakfast just up the street from Carmel Beach, they planned an evening stroll down to the oceanfront to watch the sunset […]


Nautical Surprise Proposal | Monterey, California | Daniel & Julia

It all began with an email. Daniel was in flying from Dallas, to vacation with his girlfriend Julia, in Big Sur. He wanted a week full of adventurous hikes, local beaches, and romantic sunsets the Pacific Ocean had to offer. Most of all, he wanted to propose! Daniel had seen what we had done for […]

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An Intimate Big Sur Surprise Proposal | Rachel & Paul Proposal

Yesterday was a day I had dreamed about my ENTIRE mom-life! January 20th will forever be etched in my mind as one of the most exciting, heart-racing, emotional days ever! Four years ago Rachel walked in from one of her first weeks as a freshman in high school with a big silly grin, and a […]


How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Proposals are absolutely one of our favorite things to capture! They can also be stressful and nerve racking if not done right. We have captured dozens of proposals over the years and we’ve learned to have a great system where the groom feels relaxed (well as much as possible since he’s about to propose!), nothing […]


Dreamy Beach Proposal | Julian & Amy | Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California

We adore dreamy photos as much as the next person, but there is nothing like a special moment captured along the Big Sur coast to really get the emotions flying high. Nothing screams romance like an oceanfront champagne picnic with the smell of salty air and sandy between your toes. Julian wanted everything to be perfect […]


Sunset Surprise Proposal | Ed & Mena | Pfeiffer State Beach, Big Sur, California

With each proposal we capture, embarks a new journey. We strive to make each unique, and swoon the bride-to-be with something she had only dreamed of. Ed and I talked for months leading up to their vacation time in Big Sur and the excitement kept building. Saturday we loaded the truck, grabbed a few of our friends, […]