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The day of their wedding is a beautiful spring day; if you know us, spring is our favorite time of year here in Charleston! The weather is fantastic, everything is in bloom, and the entire city smells heavenly!

They wanted to escape West Virginia for the coast, landing in the Charleston area for the week. Newley engaged, they thought there couldn’t be more of a perfect place than a Kiawah Island engagement session while in town. Just steps out of their beach house, a wooden boardwalk lined their walkway to one of the most spectacular beaches of all time, Kiawah Island. 

kiawah island

Shellie & Brayden

We’re Laura and Rachel, Charleston’s Luxury Proposal Planners and Photographers! You might be wondering why you should hire a proposal planner when planning to propose, or you might not have even known this industry existed, but we’re here to hold your hand through the entire process from where, when, and how! Click HERE to find […]

Magnolia Plantation Wedding | After being wedding photographers for nearly a decade in California, becoming a Charleston wedding photographer was an easy transition when it came to beautiful portrait locations, but having the opportunity to capture weddings at some of our dream Charleston wedding venues, was a little more complicated, hence moving here just before […]

We’re Charleston’s Luxury Proposal Planners and Photographers, Laura and Rachel, taking you on an in-depth tour of Magnolia Plantation, a Charleston premier proposal location! Having captured over 200+ proposals and dozens of Magnolia Plantation proposals, we know this gorgeous 66-acre property like the back of our hands. The famous Long White Bridge is the most […]

Charleston Marriage Proposal at Waterfront Park | What do you get when you cross wedding photographers and proposal planners? The absolute best team EVER! There are few things as romantic as a proposal, and when it takes place in Charleston along the waterfront, with views of the marsh and The Battery, that’s icing on the […]

Luxury Charleston Marriage Proposal | This White Point Garden proposal took our excitement to an entirely new level! This proposal allowed us to use our proposal planning skills from working with florals, transportation, multiple venues, dinner menus, hotel stays, and so much more. This was the proposal we had been waiting for! We can’t even […]

A Carmel Valley wedding is magical. The glowy light, stunning oak trees, sounds of the Carmel River, and the absolutely perfect weather. To capture a Gardener Ranch wedding nestled in the Carmel Valley hills, this 24-acre venue is a favorite! With its guest accommodations on site, weddings become an entire weekend event. The property offers […]

White Point Garden Charleston Proposal | Winter in Charleston has its cold days but also has perfect ones. As the sun sets, the wind subsides, and you can find that pocket of sunshine that just warms your soul through your skin. You close your eyes and it feels so peaceful as if you’ve been searching […]

Downtown Charleston Engagement Session | There is that moment in February when for an instant, you feel spring. It’s as quick as a snap of a finger, and during that split second, the chill in the air is gone, the smallest amount of green emerges from the trees, and there is a scent in the […]

Hampton Park Charleston Proposal | There is nothing better than spring in Charleston! Coming from us who love languages are florals, there are flowers galore! From the colorful blooming azaleas, the Low Country is famous for, planter boxes filling windows with that southern charm, to the trees raining pinks and whites of the crape myrtles. […]

The Best Places to Propose in Charleston Part II | Our previous blog post about the best places to propose in Charleston was so popular, we had to do another! Since we’ve captured over 50+ proposals in the past year alone, you may see some duplicate locations, but different areas used which gives so many […]

San Juan Puerto Rico Wedding | We’ve been waiting to share this wedding for three years! Yes, you heard right… 3 YEARS! We met Starlene back in 2017 when we captured her sisters Bernardus Lodge wedding in California and became immediate friends. A few years later we received an email that SHE was now engaged […]

Charleston Fine Art Engagement Session | There is something purely magical about downtown Charleston’s morning light, and then you add film to your session, PERFETTO (imagine us doing the Italian gesture by putting our index finger and thumb together and drawing an imaginary line in the air!). Yes, absolutely, hands-down, that perfect! If you’re on […]

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens Proposal | This proposal was pure heaven! If you are planning a trip to Charleston and trying to decide when is the best time of year to visit…. March and April hands down are the most beautiful months of the year! We can’t even begin to describe how everything comes to […]

Grand Isle Resort Bahamas Wedding | Take us back! A wedding along the white sandy beaches and clear teal waters of the Bahamas… what a DREAM! A few years ago, Samantha and Drew were planning another trip to Charleston (one of their absolute favorite cities!), and while visiting wanted us to capture their engagment session. […]

Charleston Waterfront Proposal | Tanner was adoriable! He emailed us saying him and his girlfriend, Emily, were planning a trip to Charleston to celebrate their three year anniversary. He told us while it’s been three years, he knew within a few weeks, she was his person. Queue all the tears! Staying at The Vendue in […]

Cannon Green Wedding Downtown Charleston | A modern tropical vibe isn’t what you normally comes to mind living in DC where Carly and Paul were living when they started wedding planning, and the theme they wanted for not only their wedding, but life. Carly had been visiting Charleston for over two decades and knew deep […]

Downtown Charleston Engagement Session | Gardens, dresses with bows, picnics, champagne toasts (and sprays!), and a gorgeous couple!?!? That to us sounds like the perfect engagement session! This downtown Charleston engagement session is one we will never forget! Emily and Evan met through mutual friends and dated long distance for years. Emily from South Carolina […]

Kiawah Island Engagement Session | Summers in Charleston can be tricky when it comes to the weather. Not only is it hot and humid, but there are always the late afternoon showers you have to look out for. That can be a bit difficult when planning a portrait session. On the flip side, the overcast […]

Middleton Place Proposal | Twenty-four short hours. That’s how long we had to plan, prepare, and pull off this GORGEOUS Middleton Place proposal. You may remember Tyler and Taylor from their portrait session a few years ago, and you can read more about their story there. Short story, Tyler is Laura’s stepson, Rachel’s step-brother, but […]

Boone Hall Plantation Engagement | When you imagine Charleston, two types of consequential images probably come to mind. Long dirt roads surrounded by ancient low hanging mossy trees, with long wooden docks overlooking the marshland that eventually lead to the ocean, or historic pastel colored structures with window boxes always in bloom, encompassed by cobblestone […]

Are you thinking about taking the next big step and get down on one knee? Here are a few of the best places to propose in Charleston! Having captured more than 100 proposals all over the country, Charleston is one of the most magical places! From the moment you know you’ve found the one, and […]

Charleston Proposal | Leo grew up near Virginia Beach and knew when planning to propose to his girlfriend Victoria of seven years, it needed to be near the ocean. Planning this surprise trip months and months in advance, Leo wanted everything to be perfect, so he immediately emailed us to help with the planning process […]

Cavallo Point Lodge Wedding, San Francisco, California | We had two more California wedding left after this one, and that was it. It was a weird reality. Not that we would never be back, because obviously we have the west coast in our blood and will always return to where we began, but to not […]

Downtown Charleston Engagement Session | We met Conner and Julia though mutual friends, and we instantly knew these two were special. We’ve loved being by their side planning their fall Creek Club at I’On wedding and capturing their engagement session was top of the list! We walked the downtown streets of Charleston, Julia trying to […]

Bernardus Lodge Wedding | Our trips back to California didn’t happen nearly as much as hoped to this year thanks to COVID, but when we did, this one was a stunner! Devan and Jonathan call Los Angeles home, but escaped the city life to get married in wine country, also known as Carmel Valley. The […]

Charleston Proposal | It’s warm summer night, you just finished dinner with the extended family at a beach rental vacation house, when you decide it is too perfect of an evening to miss a sandy stroll with your love. Chris mentioned to Julia his idea to get some fresh seaside air, and she totally agreed. […]

Wild Dunes Resort Wedding | If you could go anywhere in the world and get married, where would you go? That’s actually what a lot couples planning to get married are thinking these days thanks to COVID. A lot of 2020 couples who were planning a grand affair and couldn’t because of reschedule after reschedule, […]

Charleston Bridal Session | Filmy. Classic. Iconic. The words we were trying to construe throughout this session. There is something about Charleston that just softly shouts, timeless beauty. Through its historic architecture, ancient tree groves, and cobblestone streets, it resonates through its weddings. There is something about Charleston that is truly magical. This session was […]

Charleston Elopement | You might not know our story. Everyone has their own, but through this bumpy road called life, how from opposite sides of the country (literally California to South Carolina), this small-town girl met a very rural country boy, and that was it. Less than two weeks after we officially had our feet […]

A Rooftop Charleston Wentworth Mansion Proposal | Ian came to us with a plan, now we just needed to help bring it to life! Nicole and Ian had a long, indoor, 2020 together (as a lot of us did), and there was a much needed girls trip in Nicole’s future, or so she though. Living […]

Charleston Engagement Session | Reschedule after COVID reschedule, their engagement session day was finally happening! Courtney and Justin were originally getting married in March 2021, but with all things COVID, postponed one year and one day later, to March 2022. What a better way to celebrate their originally wedding date by having their engagement session […]

Charleston Quinceañera Portrait Session | Lauren is a real life princess! Look at her! This was such a dream day for beginning to end! Lets back up a bit, because we found it funny that we spent 8 years photographing in California, in an very Hispanic populated area, yet here in Charleston was our very […]

Upstairs at Midtown Charleston Wedding | Who would have imagined how 2020 would affect the wedding world. From couples planning their big day, to small businesses shaken to their core, wondering when and if the wedding industry would ever get back to the way it was. Rawan and Omar had a June 2020 wedding planned. […]

Charleston Maternity Session | This is Spring in Charleston and our absolute favorite time of year here! The cherry blooms are popping up everywhere, the Azaleas are in full bloom, the Chamilias are about to show their true beauty, and that’s not even mentioning how amazing it smells. These two newlyweds decided to escape from […]

Waterfront Park Proposal | New Years day, a horse drawn carriage ride, an elaborate set up, a GOREGOUS ring, champagne, and Ring Pops. You heard right, Ring Pops! A few years ago, on Patric and Kiara’s first date on New Years day, Patric slid a ring pop on Kiara’s finger, and what a perfect moment […]

Seabrook Island Engagement Session | These two came all the way from Tennessee, with their pups Sully we might add, for their engagement session. These two adorable soles were planning a COVID wedding (insert big sigh here). What was originally going to be a large elaborate affair, was now only twenty of their closest family […]



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